The other day I was listening to Priscilla Ahn’s ‘Red Cape,’ and pondering about it. I normally don’t give much thought to lyrics, preferring to merely enjoy them at face value, but a friend had once pointed out how much she liked the meaning behind it. Her account of it being that the cape symbolized a ‘something’ one cannot let go of.

I find this interesting. We all have a ‘red cape,’ I think. Something we cling to, something we feel we could never live without. Whether it’s a person, achievement, dream, ambition, hobby, or vice, without it where would we be? It’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, capes make you fly, right? But sometimes, it’s ‘…caught in the engine of a plane, that’s flying way too low…’ 1

So what do we do about that? It’s not easy to let go of someone or something we’ve been with for many years. However, oftentimes I find that once I let go of something, I instantly feel lighter. Freer. If it’s dragging you down, isn’t that best?

Easier said than done.

Red cape


NB – I am working on a project, to be completed hopefully in the next two or three months. Once I release it, you will know why it took so long, but until then, await eagerly my public….