Jones soda, that is. Unlike most of my generation, I had never had one of these fascinating beverages until a few days ago. It began when my coworker and I went out shopping.

We went to many delightful places and met many delightful people. I do love getting to know associates. You always get better service when people feel like they know you. Just a hint.

We went to Old Navy…

Which, for some reason beyond me, stocks Jones soda. My friend was ecstatic over the little things, so I casually mentioned, “Yeah, never had one of those.” Oh the horror-stricken visage I was met with. Not like it’s a real life necessity, thar.

Still, I suppose I am happy I’ve divulged in one. I do like their photographic aspect, and the fact that one may send in pictures to be put on the labels…hmm….

As the website states, it’s become rather a cult. Some of their marketing initiatives include snowboarder and surfer logo placement, or Jones RVs traveling the country handing out their products. They even have a Twitter feed on their website that displays all Tweets about the soda. Mine was even on there. I feel special.

Another interesting use for Jones Soda is the shot clinic. Eheh, not really. I just call it that. But, for those of you who have not participated in this little endeavor, let me enlighten you. Jones Soda is also famous for making the weirdest drinks imaginable. For instance, during Thanksgiving, you may purchase Turkey, Gravy, Dinner Roll, Pea, Antacid, and Sweet Potato. Nearly a complete meal. However, the drinks are a little questionable as far as palatability. As in very very very questionable.

I was so lucky as to attend a party where these little buggers were being used as dare recompense in a game. If you answered a question wrong, you had to take a shot of whichever one. One guy threw up. My boyfriend liked it. I didn’t have one. I escaped unscathed. Fortunately.

So if you are in need of a hilarious, embarrassing, horrifying and demeaning game, there you have it. Just pop out the old Dinner Roll in a bottle and watch the heads roll.


All information and pictures of Jones Soda taken from the Jones Soda website.