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Anyone who has been keeping up with the fashion trends of late will have noticed the resurgence of the 70’s vibe.

Personally, I’m thrilled. I adore the wide leg jeans, billowy blouses, wedges, and turbans gracing the pages of the fashions mags. I’m whole-heartedly jumping on the bandwagon. Which is sort of rare, because I generally stick to the old axiom of, “Regardless of trend, if it doesn’t work for you, don’t wear it!” But that sort of adage really applies to things like cut-outs, jeggings, and platforms.

For something like an era though, it’s not fixated on a few pieces, colors, or shapes. Rather, it was a style. Loose and casual, free-flowing and formless were the order of things. This I embrace. I can do without the cords and afros, brilliant oranges and polyester abominations that also came with the decade.

Of course, it’s not a complete throwback. Colors are different, fits are different, and everything has been altered just so.

With my stature, I could never dream of doing an authentic high-waist pant. It would swallow me. So instead, I buy a regular rise, tuck in my shirts, add a double belt and voila! The look.

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The turban is also exciting. A cross between the head wraps of the seventies and the cleaning lady tie-up of the forties, its cute, unique, and does quite a good job of keeping all those annoying strands away.


Vanessa Hudgens sports the turban in the latest issue of InStyle.


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If you’re interested in buying a turban, Red Velvet has some divine velvet ones. The store also carries vintage seventies clothing. Just get me some wooden wedges and I’m good.



Occasionally I will set myself a goal to work towards. If I have something to look forward to, it makes working a bit easier to swallow. It’s not always effective, but I think that’s my own fault. I rarely set myself a good reward. However, that changed when I was shopping yesterday. I ran into Fossil, and my friend who works there insisted I try on their new romper. Now, let me get something straight here. I have always hated rompers. I have thought them silly, unflattering pieces with no purpose. And then I tried this on. And fell in love. It sounds ridiculous, I admit, but it’s the truth.

So now, with that, I am going to reward myself with this romper when I finish a couple of projects. Firstly, my mother has two huge boxes full of pictures that need to be organized. And then there are the two kitchen pantry cupboards. Why is it that pantries get so cluttered? Whatever the reason, I am going to attack those shelves with all my organization skills. And then look at them in victory wearing my new romper…



Although my main goal was the harajuku perfume, I did find some other things I needed as well. Fortunately, there’s a Hobby Lobby right by the mall, so I was able to pick up my things in a dash before heading there. Above you see the perfume, a grid notebook for blog ideas, a couple of watercolor sketchbooks and a new ink pen for drawing. As nearly everything was on sale, I count the trip a success.


I don’t know where I first saw these darlings. I think it was in a magazine, but ever since I did, I’ve desperately wanted to own one. And now I do. I found it for half off at the local Perfumia, and was quite in an ecstasy over the little doll. Smells nice too, which is, I suppose, the most important thing.

And these are the shoes I went shopping in. My own beloved yellow oxfords.