Although my main goal was the harajuku perfume, I did find some other things I needed as well. Fortunately, there’s a Hobby Lobby right by the mall, so I was able to pick up my things in a dash before heading there. Above you see the perfume, a grid notebook for blog ideas, a couple of watercolor sketchbooks and a new ink pen for drawing. As nearly everything was on sale, I count the trip a success.


I don’t know where I first saw these darlings. I think it was in a magazine, but ever since I did, I’ve desperately wanted to own one. And now I do. I found it for half off at the local Perfumia, and was quite in an ecstasy over the little doll. Smells nice too, which is, I suppose, the most important thing.

And these are the shoes I went shopping in. My own beloved yellow oxfords.