Anyone who has been keeping up with the fashion trends of late will have noticed the resurgence of the 70’s vibe.

Personally, I’m thrilled. I adore the wide leg jeans, billowy blouses, wedges, and turbans gracing the pages of the fashions mags. I’m whole-heartedly jumping on the bandwagon. Which is sort of rare, because I generally stick to the old axiom of, “Regardless of trend, if it doesn’t work for you, don’t wear it!” But that sort of adage really applies to things like cut-outs, jeggings, and platforms.

For something like an era though, it’s not fixated on a few pieces, colors, or shapes. Rather, it was a style. Loose and casual, free-flowing and formless were the order of things. This I embrace. I can do without the cords and afros, brilliant oranges and polyester abominations that also came with the decade.

Of course, it’s not a complete throwback. Colors are different, fits are different, and everything has been altered just so.

With my stature, I could never dream of doing an authentic high-waist pant. It would swallow me. So instead, I buy a regular rise, tuck in my shirts, add a double belt and voila! The look.

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The turban is also exciting. A cross between the head wraps of the seventies and the cleaning lady tie-up of the forties, its cute, unique, and does quite a good job of keeping all those annoying strands away.


Vanessa Hudgens sports the turban in the latest issue of InStyle.


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If you’re interested in buying a turban, Red Velvet has some divine velvet ones. The store also carries vintage seventies clothing. Just get me some wooden wedges and I’m good.